i have always been regretting that i was not as wise as the day i was born



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Michael Sole.

Gorgeous paintings by British painter Michael Sole:

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RWB Porsche


Alfa 8c

Yeoman Bower Grunt font-awesome vs components-font-awesome

Ran into this issue with relatively new default yeoman ‘yo angular’ install and followed some top Google results but still ran into this:

You want to use components-font-awesome, not font-awesome.

As described here on github, the font-awesome bower component does not do things the bower way.

With an up-to-date ‘yo angular’ scaffolding: Using the wrong one, adding font-awesome stylesheet links to your html is not preserved across builds because the ‘grunt bower-install’ task can’t find the component files to preserve and stick into the index.html. Use ‘bower install components-font-awesome ‑‑save’ instead.

Not all bower components are made equal.


Designing a timeless smartwatch
Gábor Balogh is a freelance designer from Hungary who, like many of us, wants an attractive, watch-like watch that just happens to be smart. The difference between Balogh and the rest of us is he went ahead and designed an interface he believes could enable regular watch designs to include a full bevy of smart features.

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Andrew Hem’s “Dream But Don’t Sleep.”

Opening this Saturday, March 8th at Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles, California is Andrew Hem’s solo show “Dream But Don’t Sleep.”  Hem’s style is a one of a kind, immediate aesthetic signature that pursues the dreamlands that have resulted from his upbringing in a war torn Cambodia as well as the urban sprawl of Los Angeles.  The work presented here in “Dream But Don’t Sleep" seems to find Andrew at his best yet and poises him as one of the leaders in New Contemporary art.

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It’s time to just end these stupid legal word games and say what we all already know: internet access is a utility. A commodity that should get better and faster and cheaper over time. Anyone who says otherwise is lying for money.


Boba by Yvan Quinet


A very well-considered rebrand for MUNI by D. Kim. (via Khoi Vinh)

Moo Minicard Case LED Light + Key Holder Hack

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